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Czekają na Ciebie najnowsze informacje z branży: aktualności, porady i ciekawostki.



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Why is it worth cooperating with us?

You get customers and build your reputation every day

Furgonetka Giełda users add shipping orders every day. Browse them, make offers and get new customers.

Take care of good relations with your customers. Every positive comment on your profile makes getting new orders easier.

You get customers and build your reputation every day

You pay only when you earn.

You register for free and do not pay any subscription fee. We charge a commission only for your completed orders and regularly organise promotions concerning its height.

Check current rates in a fee and commission table .

You pay only when you earn.

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Frequently asked questions

Verification consists in making a transfer of 1 PLN from your company account onto our bank account (the total amount of the transfer is returned after verification). If your self-employed bussiness activity is not included within the electronic CEIDG register, please send also a confirmation of a NIP number assignment. In case of partnerships (according to their types) please provide one of the documents listed below:
  • a scanned copy from KRS in case of a joint stock company, limited joint-stock partnership, limited partnership, business partnership, general partnership, fundation, registered association, private limited company,
  • a scanned copy of agreement of company formation in case of a civil partnership,
  • a scanned copy of a document that confirms having a business activity (e.g. a document of registration in the commercial register) in case of a business type other than those listed above

Documents can be sent via a contact form available on the website Copies of the sent documents will be verified by a worker of the Furgonetka Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp. k. company. Positive completion of this procedure enables a Carrier to make offers to the shipping orders.

Please remember that the data given during registration must match the transfer one.

Transfer data:

Furgonetka Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp. k.
ul. Inżynierska 8
03-422 Warszawa
Millennium Bank S.A.
50 1160 2202 0000 0002 7876 6749

If your account does not go through a verification process, you will not be able to participate in making offers.

Orders are available on Furgonetka Giełda home page. You can view them in various categories or by the chosen parameters: places of collection or delivery, distance or budget.
An offer can be made by clicking a button “Make an offer” located on the page "Orders". The displayed form should be filled in with the following data: suggested amount of your offer, its expiry date and optional messages to the Customer.
An offer can be edited or deleted until it is chosen by a Customer. When selected it cannot be modified or withdrawn.
Comments can be added below a particular order by clicking a button "Write". That is how you can clarify ambiguities and ask a customer for shipment details.
When the offer is accepted you receive the Customer's contact data in order to arrange shipping details. You are supposed to consult payment and transportation details directly with each other.
Creating an account is free, we also do not charge any subscription fee. In our service you pay a commission only for the completed orders.